March 21, 2012
Reasons I like multimedia

Cameron's post on the power of radio, and the power of the podcast “Giant Pool of Money” in particular, describes a discovery: radio can cover a topic that might normally put off the average person.

"But these guys presented the story with simple vocabulary, a cohesive them, vivid characters, and a presentation style that made the information digestible to the everyday man."

He reminds us that we always need to be open for discovery from unexpected places.

One part of being a journalist is calling attention to a person in a public forum, a news medium. This can be uncomfortable, and Daniel experienced that in taking photographs for last week’s assignment.

This presents two options in the pursuit of capturing good photographs:
The photographer must be immune to socially awkward situations (ie. not give a s**t), or
The subject must be willing/able to act naturally in the presence of a camera

Daniel chooses the latter. There is a delicate balance between invading someone’s privacy (the laws are different in various countries) and performing the service of informing the public. Is it OK for a fashion writer to shoot pictures randomly on the street and then publish those pictures without the subject’s permission? It’s legal in the States to do that. Keep the word respect in mind and you will avoid a lot of problems. Treat people with respect and you can both get the journalistic work done and not make people feel they have been invaded.

Nicole reports on how an American living in the Philippines posted a video about “20 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Philippines” and touched off an online firestorm. Ten years ago, this kind of media event would not have been possible. Nicole provides a link to the space where the debate is furious. When you go public with your opinions on the Web, you never know how far they will spread, who they will touch and how people will react. Once your thoughts are on the Web, you don’t own them any more.

And Elva discovers baseball with some photos of players on the Tsinghua campus. The season opens in a little more than a week.

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